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  • Unknown author (Daily Star, 2019-02-01)
  • Woodroffe, Sir John (Madras: Genesh & co, 1918-12-01)
    born resistance which India makes against Western innovations. And why should •She not, seeing that, rightly ^ or wrongly, the bulk of the ancient peoples of “the East have never admitted the moral superiority of ...
  • The Government of India (Harrison and Son, Ltd., 1929-04-07)
    This volume has been corrected, as far as possible, up to the 1st ' January .1929. It may be explained that the lists of Officers serving in India (pages 7 to 1 1 are compiled from the Civil Lists of the Government of ...
  • Ramsay, L. E. B. Cobden (The Bengal Secretariat Book Depot., Calcutta, 1910-07-30)
    The Feudatory States of Orissa consist of a group of 24 dependent territories attached to the Division of Orissa, and comprise the following States: Athgarh, Athmallik, Bamra, Baramba, Baud, Bonai, Daspalla, Dhenkanal, ...
  • Peterson, J. C. K. (The Bengal Secretariat Book Depot., Calcutta, 1910-12-01)
    The district of Burdwan, one of the western districts of the general Burdwan Division is situated between 22° 56' and 23° 53' north and between 86° 48' and 88° 25' east longitude. It TI0N‘ contains an area of 2,689 ...

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