Maritime Non-Traditional Security Threats against the Blue Economy

Collaborative Approach of Maritime Agencies in Bangladesh


  • Shourav Kumar Paul Bangladesh Navy



Non-Traditional Security Threat, Bangladesh, Maritime Security, Multi-agency, Blue Economy


Human-induced non-traditional security threats (NTS) faced in the maritime domain have been a prime concern for the growth of the Blue Economy in Bangladesh. The identified threats range from illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing to maritime terrorism, drug trafficking, piracy, armed robbery, human trafficking, and pollution. There are a number of agencies (Bangladesh Navy, Bangladesh Coast Guard) involved in ensuring security in the Bay of Bengal (BoB). But still, the occurrence of NTS threats is on the rise. Therefore, this study aims to identify the limitations of the existing security measures in Bangladesh against maritime non-traditional security threats in the BoB. In addition, the study explores the ‘Ways and Means’ for a prolific collaborative approach of maritime agencies combating maritime NTS threats in BoB against BE of Bangladesh. An interpretive approach has been adopted in this study. Data has been collected from the fisherman communities of Cox’s Bazar, Teknaf, and Inani, as well as from the Bangladesh Navy, Bangladesh Coast Guard, BSMRMU, BORI, and renowned maritime security experts. The findings of the paper reveal the existing gaps and challenges in maritime security, the lack of preparedness and coordination among maritime agencies, the need for inter-agency cooperation, and targeted interventions. The research findings also suggest adopting a comprehensive and collaborative approach to enhance maritime security through a multi-agency model adopted by various countries around the world. This includes strengthening security measures, improving coordination among maritime agencies, establishing dedicated marine authorities, enhancing preparedness for marine accidents, and addressing the challenges posed by NTS threats at BoB

Author Biography

Shourav Kumar Paul, Bangladesh Navy

Lieutenant Commander, Bangladesh Navy




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Paul, S. K. (2024). Maritime Non-Traditional Security Threats against the Blue Economy: Collaborative Approach of Maritime Agencies in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Journal of Public Administration, 31(1).